Loutraki Thermal Springs:  a true Oasis of Luxury and Rejuvenation

Loutraki is a spa town and famous for its water. The recent development of the modern Spa invites guests to enjoy the wonderful benefits of Loutraki water and indulge in some serious pampering. The new Spa is only 400 meters away from Hotel Segas and many of our guests take full advantage of the wonderful facility. 

Loutraki Spa

 Loutraki Thermal Springs:  a true Oasis of Luxury and Rejuvenation

The geothermal springs are derived from many faults of the coastal area in a 750 -m-wide zone.The natural spring hot waters, at the bottom of Mount Geraneia, are discharged from a great mineral depth since Antiquity. During its journey towards the surface, the pure spring water is being filtered through porous layers and it is so greatly enriched in precious trace elements, salts and minerals, that its healing properties make it a very strong health ally. The old Thermal Spa is fully reinnovated adopting a profile of a luxurious and modern spa which offers a unique experience of wellness and includes:


  • 3 water indoor pools with waterfalls and water jets
  • 1 outdoor pool
  • Sauna
  • Steam rooms
  • Fitness studio
  • Beauty salon
  • 20 private treatment rooms
  • Bar and restaurant

At Loutraki Thermal Spa , you can choose health and beauty treatments such as thermal water hydrotherapy in a tub or in a pool, Vichy shower and jet shower. Furthermore, you can experience the benefits of massage and body wraps using nutrient-rich mud which offers you the perfect feeling of wellness and relaxation.




Loutraki: a Spa town

Taking advantage of its beautiful natural environment, its therapeutical water sources and its critical place in history, the town has attracted international visitors since the 1930s. Loutraki became a well known thermal spa due to its connections to the Greek and the Egyptian Royalties. The Greek King Othon appreciated the relaxation therapy in the thermal springs and often visited Loutraki for taking a cure. King Fuat of Egypt also paid regular visits to Loutraki. Loutraki, however, had its beginning as a spa in 1855 when ten wooden cabins were built and after historical personalities like Xenophon, Pafsanias and Thukididis had reported on the healing effects of the thermal springs. In 1926, the number of cabins amounted to 105, but two years later they were destroyed during a big earthquake. Nine years later reconstruction of the spa facilities started, which still exist today even though in a much more luxurious style than at the beginning of the century. In 1855, the first municipal enterprise to exploit the springs opened, providing organised facilities for those who travelled to Loutraki "to take the waters". Since 1936 Loutraki has been a station for hot baths, winning the accolade of first Center for Lithiasis in Greece and in the Eastem Mediterranean. In the past few decades the waters of Loutraki have attracted the interest of medical circles, being considered comparable to the famous waters of Vichy, Evian and Perrier, and they have been the subject of many scientific and medical studies. Today, Loutraki with three ultramodern hydrotherapy installations, fully equipped for treatment using baths, drinking and physiotherapy, as well as impeccable facilities for tourists, fully merits its ranking among the finest organized health resorts internationally. Loutraki is well-known for the successful treatment of rheumatism, arthritis, neuralgia and diseases of skin.                


The alternative of Health Tourism, intends to offer, in the most natural way, to the human organism prevention against various diseases, cure, rejuvenation and revitalization.   Loutraki, as the most ancient Greek Spa City, continuous to offer in the best way it’s reach tradition and experience on Health Tourism, for the benefit of the people. he medicinal water of Loutraki has been established as a symbol of natural and healthy life and this remarkable gift has accurately been described as the <<water of life>>.                                   


Drinking thermal water is also therapeutic due to the minerals it contains. It is available at the National Tourism Organization Thermal Spring, a circular building of unique beauty which was built during the mid-war years and decorated with colorful mosaics in 1935. The drinking therapy, can be with medicinal or natural mineral water, as every individual case requires. The natural springs waters of Loutraki, have been described as chlorinated metallic, slightly alkaline (Ph = 7,2 – 7,3), radiant (7 – 31 MACHE units, depending on the spring). Due to their specific composition, Loutraki curative water is highly recommended as the best way of prevention and cure for people with digestive system problems, hepatic insufficiency, gastritis and it’s the most efficient solution for the cure of kidney stones and gall stones. Physical characteristics of Loutraki Natural Mineral Table Water. Light and pleasant to the taste, reach in magnesium and soda content, slightly alkaline, radio – active, temperature at the source 19,5 C. Physical characteristics of Loutraki curative water. Scientifically the waters of Loutraki, have been described as chlorinated metallic, slightly alkaline, (Ph = 7,2 – 7,3), radiant (7-31 MACHE units depending on the spring). The water temperature fluctuates from 30 to 31,4 C . 


  • Atypical digestive irregularities – Irritations of the intestinal tract – Gall stones
  • Chronic inflammation of the Gall bladder – Irregular movements of the bile ducts
  • Kidney stones – Chronic kidney insufficiency – Duodenite
  • Metabolic disturbances of Urine acid – Inflammations of the urinary track
  • Simple chronic constipation – Diarrhea – Non specific chronic proctitis


The beneficial qualities of Loutraki water, have been well – known throughout history and the modern facilities available today, provide the opportunity for immediate prevention of ailments, therapy and rejuvenation for the entire body. The excellently equipped and organized Hydrotherapy Center, is open all year round and operates under the auspices of the Municipal Enterprise << Thermals Loutraki>>. Under the supervision of specialized physicians and experienced physiotherapists, prevention of ailments, revitalization and relaxation are accelerated by the natural hot springs, whirlpools, sauna, exercise and physiotherapy. 



  • Chronic injuries of the joints – Chronic rheumatoid arthritis
  • Chronic inflammations of the joints – Arthralgia
  • Arthritis (cervical syndrome – shoulder – knee – hip – tibia) – Lumbar Spine Arthritis
  • Lumbago – Sciatica – Muscle pains  – Neuralgia – Neuritis – Neurodermatitis
  • Inflammation of the skin – Allergies of the skin – Psoriasis
  • Atypical gynecological conditions – Overuse syndromes (Athletic injuries) – Eczema
  • Post operative care after hemorrhoid ectomy



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Taking advantage of its beautiful natural enviroment,its therapeutical water sources...

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