Life at Loutraki is as relaxed or as hectic as you would like it to be. The 3km of blue-flag beach is always a great temptation and it is only a short walk from the hotel. You can indulge in unlimited activities including: Swimming, Sea Sports, Walking, Scuba Diving, Fishing, Cycling, Photography, visit Churches and Monasteries, Shopping, Gambling.

Crossing the Corinth Canal    Exploring Loutraki area 

Devotees of water sports discover that Loutraki is a paradise with ideal conditions for swimming, wind surfing and fishing. There are also abundant tennis courts, basketball and volleyball courts, and soccer fields, completing the possibilities for naturally healthy vacations combined with exercise.

Relax, gossip and catch up with friends! Loutraki is one of then very few beaches in Greece that offer extensive Baywatch services on an extensive basis and once roasted enough go around and explore the real treasures of Greece! There are many places to explore to keep you busy for many years.... Simply keep coming back, rent a car or motorbike and enjoy.

Sunbathing in Greece Sunset Greece

It is incredible how time flies in Loutraki, when having fun... just relaxing and watching the boats going towards the Corinth Canal and the glorious big blue sea...The sunset in Loutraki is spectacular. For about one hour every evening even the most cynic people are transformed into romantics... And in the evening there are more serious activities taking place. Going out, eating, relaxing and even tempt your luck at the local Casino. 

Limitless opportunities exist for entertainment and shopping. A wealth of shops, boutiques, jewellery stores, art galleries, cinemas, discos, bars and night clubs exists, offering something for all ages and inclinations.

Loutraki by Night  Horse cars in Loutraki

Some of our guests do unusual things such as learning Greek, studying philosophy and history and even learning how to cook Greek food. Others spend considerable amount of time perfecting their cappuccino coffees. We encourage them to practice whatever pleases them. Others do scientific things...the Universities of Cambridge, Oxford and East Anglia undertake research on the geology of the region... whilst the University of Kent does tourism related field trips.

Walking, cycling, sailing, riding, driving for few minutes away you can find amazing resources and sources of pleasure...

Relax in Greece View from Osios Patapios Loutraki


Hotel Segas offers 24 single, double and triple rooms accommodating up to 50 guests...

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Taking advantage of its beautiful natural enviroment,its therapeutical water sources...

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Hotel Segas is located 80km southwest from Athens and Athens Airport. It is about 4 km from Corinth Canal and 7km from Corinth.

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