Heraion and Vouliagmeli Lake

Heraion and Vouliagmeni Lake are a 20 minutes drive away from Loutraki and it has been declared as a region of rare natural beauty!

Heraion which was called Eschatiotis or Gorgopis in antiquity. In the region of the Lake, which has been inhabited at least since 3.000 BC, settlements of the Proto-Hellenic I Period and Proto-Hellenic II Period were discovered. Only a few kilometers west of the Lake, lies the cape of Heraion, also known as Melagavi. One of the oldest stone-built lighthouses still operating is located at this spot, as well as the ruins of the ancient settlement and of the famous Sanctuary of Hera. The Heraion of Perachora consists of two sections and for this reason, until quite recently, it was believed that they were two sanctuaries - one dedicated to Acraea Hera (i.e., on the edge of the land) and the other one dedicated to Limenia Hera (i.e., of the port). Recent excavations have led the researchers to the conclusion that there was only one sanctuary, the one of Acraea – Limenia Hera.


Vouliagmeni Lake 

The peaceful lagoon of Vouliagmeni lies 16-km. northwest of Loutraki and was caused by the subsidence of the ground to α kind of trench. The lagoon is 2 km. long and up to 1 km. wide. Its depth is estimated at 40 m. Α channel of 6-m. width provides an outlet to the sea.

Vouliagmeni Lake

Across the cape of Olmion, we can see the Alkyonides Islands, also known as Kalanisa, which are composed of four islands: Zoodochos Pigi, Daskaleio, Glaronisi and Prasonisi. Relics from ancient settlements and potsherds of Corinthia vessels have been found on these islands.

 Vouliagmeni Lake Church



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